Max Jean-Philippe Salpetrier was born in Martinique and raised in New York. His love for music was established early in his life. After an apprenticeship in New York City clubs, his professional Disc Jockey career took him to the ultimate DJ gig, playing in Club Mediterranée's worldwide resorts. He soon became the organizationís premier disc jockey, inaugurating all new properties in the North American sector and Southeast Asia.

Returning to New York, Max has been fortunate to share his love for music with the city's best clubs and their loyal clientele. His NYC residencies included such notable clubs as Tatou, Rein's, Regine's, Stringfellows, System, The Surf Club, The China Club, The Crane Club, Rouge, Etoile, Au Bar, Eugene's and Le Passage in Chicago.

Max Salpetrier now dedicates his talent for playing beautiful music at specific events in the private sector. He believes this is where one's individual taste and professionalism is most appreciated and rewarded. Max's music programming knowledge has been well received and is in demand. He has played for a wide variety of illustrious clients and venues. As a result of his extensive travels, Max is very well versed in all genres of music and has a fine tuned taste for international music.

Max is available to discerning clients and event planners for all occasions. Speaks fluent French, English, Spanish, and Italian, and is willing to travel.